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Trican Biotech has been constructing a phage display antibody Fab library (Trb-MabR) from bloods collected from >250 cancer patients covering more than 20 different cancer types.  The immune Fab antibody phage display library will be used to identify the antibodies with affinity and specificity related to various cancer-specific targets.  In additional, isolation of antibodies from a Trican-own proprietary antibody library provides resolutions generated from humanized MAb through the hybridoma approach for therapeutic applications.

Key features

1. Optimized phagemid vector for Ab gene expression

2. Superb diversity, stability, and titer

3. Excellence epitope and antigen reactivities

4. Suitable for identifying high affinity binders against any druggable targets

5. Rich hand-on experiences in antibody screening processes, and follow-up procedures

6. Fast turnaround time from “antigen” to “antibody production”

 Outlined human antibody library construction and screening processes

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