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Trican Biotech. offers services covering antibody library construction and antibody screening from immunized animals including mouse, rat rabbit, chicken, and human cancer patient.  Antibody phage library is constructed using the genomic information coding for antibody Fab domains derived from donor’s B cells and expressed by a proprietary phagemid vector.  Fab is displayed on the surface of phage by fusing with the phage coat protein, GIII.  Through target-binder interaction, the interested phage clone(s) can then be eluted, retrieved and used for subsequent applications. 



1.Flexible service coverage-antigen preparation, immunization, library construction, screening, and antibody production

2.Modest library diversity (~ 108 clones)

3.Extensive experiences in building phage antibody libraries from various species.

4.Fast and reliable antibody leadscreeing from established library according downstream applicaitons.

High affinity MAb generation through combining animal immunization, library construction, and screening process

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